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Future obj not observed when same job executed parallel


      Two sub-jobs S1 and S2 calling the same job A within seconds. Internally Jenkins starts the job A only once, because of the "Quiet period". For the second call Jenkins returns null for the future element (see manual for Queue::schedule: "return null if this task is already in the queue").

      Because of the empty future obj Multijob ignores the status of the job and causes issues.

      One example:

      Job A fails and S1 stops with the status FAILED. But in sub-job S2 job A gets the status PENDING and the workflow continues whether job A fails or not.

      Workflow sketch:


      • Subjob S1
        • Step 1
          • Job A -> fails, subjob s2 stops and result is failed
        • Step 2
          • Job B -> not executed (expected)
      • Subjob S2
        • Step 1
          • Job A -> status pending and result ignored.
        • Step 2
          • Job C -> executed (BUG!)

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