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Matrix Jobs Do Not Get Run When Updating a Dynamic Axis



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      I have a top level job X. In X, I am using kicking off job Y using the File Parameter Factory option in parameterized builds. The configuration files contain a property, axis_values, which is a space separated list of different axis's for job Y.

      Let's say that job X has one configuration file and it contains axis_values=A B C. I kick off job X, which in turn kicks one instance of job Y. Job Y iterates correctly through A, B and C.

      Next, I change the configuration file and I set axis_values=A B C D E. I kick off job X and job Y starts. Job Y runs correctly for A, B and C. But, job Y fails to run D and E. It says that "D appears to be cancelled" and "E appears to be cancelled".

      I see the following in the log:

      31-May-2013 3:57:48 PM hudson.model.Executor run
      SEVERE: Executor threw an exception
      at hudson.model.Executor.run(Executor.java:238)

      The only workaround that I have found is that it will work correctly if I put the new values at the start of the axis. (ie. axis_values=D E A B C)

      List of (possibly) relevant plugins installed;

      • dynamic axis
      • environment injector
      • jenkins parameterized trigger
      • matrix sorter
      • node and label parameter plugin


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