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Long hyperlinks in build description not displayed correctly in history widget when using Markdown syntax


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    • Firefox 24
      Jenkins 1.509.3
      PegDown Formatter plugin 1.3
    • 2.198

      Use case:
      I want build description to contain two links separated by a space: "link1 link2". Link texts, "link1" and "link2", are at most ten characters each.

      What works:
      HTML links, i.e. "<a href="url">link text</a>", seem to work in all cases. Markdown links, i.e. "[link text](url)", seem to work on build page. Markdown links work also on project page (build history table) if they are short enough.

      What does not work:
      Markdown links do not display correctly on project page if the url is too long. I have seen two invalid representations 1) "link1..." where the link1 was ok, but the second link was missing. 2) "[link1](part-of-the-url..." where url was partially visible (consuming three lines), and the second link was missing.

      I have used Description Setter plugin and Jenkins CLI with same results.

      PegDown is selected as Markup Formatter in Global Security and all extensions have been enabled. (With this fix, I could also check SUPPRESS_ALL_HTML.)

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