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Scoring-load-balancer - Scoring Rule for nodes which have workspace checked out



      I have just started using scoring-load-balancer and I really like it!

      I want to use it to setup a group of preferred nodes for a job to run. I can also use the 'Scoring by Build Results' to give added preference for the node which was last used for the build.

      The problem is I have some monitoring jobs setup to clear out a slaves workspace directory when the slaves free disk space goes below a certain thresehold. This means that the last node the build ran on may no longer have the workspace checked out from svn, but one of the other preferred nodes might have the workspace checked out from an older build.

      It would be useful to have a scoring rule that would score based on if the slave has a workspace directory for the job.

      This would mean the job would just need to do an svn update and not a full svn checkout.

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