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View Listing Section shows only current level's sections for Nested View


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    • sectioned-view-plugin
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    • Win 2003 server
      Jenkins 1.509.4
      SectionedView 1.18
      NestedView 1.10

      If current view is a subview of the Nested View then View Listing Section doesn't allow select all views tree but only siblings of the current view.

      Example. Views structure:

      • Group1
        • Group1_view1
        • Group1_view2
      • Group2
        • Group2_view1
        • Group2_view2

      If you try to add View Listing section to the Group1_view1 - only Group1_view1 and Group1_view2 are allowed to show. Aattached screenshot shows how this example looks in v.1.17 and v.1.18.

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