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When triggering a new build from current build page, 'Next Build' isn't shown after reloading page


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    • 1.532.1-rc1, 1.540, 1.533, 1.500

      1. Create a freestyle project 'foo' with a shell build step that executes sleep 30 and save.
      2. Click 'Build Now'
      3. Go to the build's page (/job/foo/1) and wait until the build finishes.
      4. From the breadcrumb bar, select 'Build Now' from the 'foo' job's context menu.
      5. Wait a second (so the build is actually started), then reload.

      Expected result: 'Next Build' link is shown
      Actual result: It's not

      If you open the job's main page at /job/foo e.g. in another tab, then reload the build page again, the 'Next Build' link appears after reloading.

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