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don't treat results as a artifacts, and copy results even on build failure




      A rollup issue with two issues brought up by Tom Larrow on the users mailing
      list. I've got a fix for both in the works.

      First off, since adding webtests to the project, Hudson now lists the results
      directory as a "Build Artifact" Where before that just listed the .ear, or the
      .jar that was built, now it displays a directory structure, which contains both
      that file, and the webtests. The ability to just download the one file is gone,
      replaced with an option to download a .zip file containing both the .jar file,
      and the webtest results. For instance, the Violations plugin does not consider
      the .xml for checkstyle or findbugs to be artifacts, the Webtest plugin should
      treat the webtest results the same way.

      Secondly because the Plugin treats the webtests results as an artifact, and
      Hudson doesn't publish artifacts of failed builds, if a build fails, there is
      nothing reported by the webtest plugin. This causes a problem especially when
      it is the webtest fails, and that causes the build to fail. When this happens
      the next build causes the workspace to be re-built, and you have lost the old
      webtest results. You're left with a build that failed, and no webtests that
      show WHY it failed.




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