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Maven Release Plugin throws Authentication Required error



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      I am trying to configure Maven Release plugin in Jenkins job. I am getting authentication exception. For invoking maven release plugin do we need to have svn client from where we are invoking the release? The requirement is as follows:

      My requirement is to configure maven release plugin as follows:

      1. My current version is at 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT and once testing is done and ready for movement to production the maven release plugin will be invoked from Jenkins job to move the code from branch to trunk.
      2. The configuration has to check out the source from branch, update all the POMs to version 1.0.0, tag the source code and check in the code at trunk location. The tags folder will contain the tagged version at 1.0.0 (as best practice we need to change the version from 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT to 1.0.0 once the product is ready for production, right? or while moving to UAT itself it should be done?).
      3. Also, the next snapshot version will be updated to 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT(which is configurable in release plugin) and checked in at branch level for the next development.

      I am able to configure this, but somehow it is not working. I am getting authentication exception.
      svn: Authentication required for '<https://server-mydomain.com:443>'.


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