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Ability to configure the view to show *implicit* upstream maven projects that contribute to a given pipeline



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      I am just getting started learning about building Delivery Pipelines using this plugin, but I really like it so far.

      However, we have a lot of maven projects that build shared libraries. These shared libraries contribute to most of our other top level projects (web applications).

      I want to create a pipeline view for each of web application projects since they are each unique and will have unique downstream delivery pipeline phases (deploy to dev, test, deploy to stage, test, deliver). But if select the WAR project as the initial project for my pipeline, it doesn't show the implicit upstream dependencies and I'd love to see which ones of those contributed to the "kick-off" of my WAR project.

      The beauty of Maven with Jenkins is that it can implicitly trigger builds without having to manually configure the relationships. It would be nice to see pipeline views take advantage of the implicit Maven relationships.


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