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CLI calls are causing file descriptor leaks.


      I have a job that dynamically creates jobs using the CLI. I have noticed that since installing the job, which verifies the existing of jobs by calling 'get-job', Jenkins is leaking file descriptors. I am currently making around 40 calls per build, which runs on every CVS commit. I have a job setup to monitor the number of FD's in /proc/$jenkins_pid/fd. Calling garbage collection in the JVM doesn't release the FD's and thus the only cure is to restart Jenkins before the number of files reaches the Open file ulimit. I have set my ulimit to 65356 so I don't have to reboot so frequently. I restarted Jenkins at 7:49 this morning and the file descriptor count is currently at 6147 files; it's now 12:10 in the afternoon, so it's been steadily leaking FD's at approximately 1500 per hour.

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