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Play-back Gerrit events which happened during a Jenkins downtime




      Use case: Jenkins become unavailable. In the meantime, there are a number of Gerrit events occurring which are missed. When Jenkins restarts, these missed events should be replayed.

      E.g. a designer submits a patch set during a Jenkins outage. Since Gerrit trigger is not firing, the patch will never be verified and merged, or will need to be done manually. There is a facility in Gerrit trigger to "manually" query events during a given period, but this will not scale as need to be done for each job.

      The requirement would be:

      1. It shall be possible to replay all "missing" Gerrit events for a given Jenkins master following a downtime of the master
      2. It shall be possible to have #1 trigger automatically i.e. that when Jenkins restart, all events that happened since last time it ran will be replayed.
      3. It shall be possible to trigger #1 manually. This capability shall be available only to the administrator role

      Limitations of current feature with regards to our requirement:

      • Only "patchset created" events are supported. Events such as "change merged," "comment added," or "ref updated" will be missed.
      • Gerrit projects specified via path or regular expression will be ignored.
      • If a user submits a review to a patchset during the downtime, the build will not be triggered because the feature only looks at unreviewed patchsets.
      • It is not possible to trigger this feature manually.




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