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Add support for build parameters in Subversion URLs.


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      Subversion URLs can be parameterized. The plugin should substitute the URL parameters by their default values. Furthermore, the plugin should support URLs ending with @HEAD.

      This enhancement request comes from the following comment by Damon Overboe.

      The scenario is I wanted to be able to trigger older builds by passing the specific revision, so I added SVN_REVISION as a parameter, defaulting to HEAD.

      • Set up a job
      • Feature branch it
      • Modify the main job to allow SVN_REVISION to be passed in as a parameter,
      • and default it to HEAD (may not matter)
      • and change your svn url to http://path/to/project/trunk@$SVN_REVISION
      • then rebasing a feature will fail, complaining about the path.

      Also, if you set up the job initially with the @SVN_REVISION, the plug-in won't be able to find the repo when you go to feature branch it.

      The work-around for me is easy enough; rather than specifying the @SVN_REVISION in the URL, I just:

      • manually cut a branch from the specific revision I want,
      • tell the plug-in to add the feature branch (with the same name)
      • Click OK to add the project when it warns me the branch already exists.

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