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Mask Passwords doen't mask Credentials Parameter



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      After installing Mask Passwords Plugin 2.7.2, it allows the system configuration to set the passwords to be masked. One of which is Credentials Parameter.

      However, in a project, if mask passwords is selected and an existing credential is used in the build step, the information is still displayed plaintext within the console output.

      Steps To Reproduce:

      1. Configure System
        • Mask Passwords - Parameters to automatically mask
          [x] Non-Stored Password Parameter
          [x] Credentials Parameter
          [x] Password Parameter
        • Mask Passwords - Global name/password pairs
          None added.
          I already have several "Username with password" Global credentials
      2. Create freestyle project
        • [x] Mask passwords (and enable global passwords)
          Responce: Password Parameters, or any other type of build parameters selected for masking in Hudson's/Jenkins' main configuration screen (Manage Hudson > Configure System), will be automatically masked.
        • [x] Use secret text(s) or file(s)
          Add: Username and password
          Variable: oracleCredential
          (*) Specific credentials
          my_oracle_username/***** (Oracle remote login)
          parameter expression: ${oracleCredential}
        • Add build step: Execute Windows batch command
          Command: @echo %oracleCredential%
        • [Save]
      3. Build Now, and examine Console Output
        Expected: ********** is displayed in place of %oracleCredential%
        Actual: Actual username:password value of %oracleCredential% is displayed.


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