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Team Foundation Server Plugin (TFS) creates bogus users in 3.0 and later


      It looks like pull request 17 in v3.0.0 changed the way it names users detected by changeset from plain userID to domain\userID. This blew up my Jenkins user identities and build emails.

      TFS plugin v2.0 looks like it was just getting back the plain username for a changeset, so it was able to build a link to an existing Jenkins user on the changes screen. We're using the Active Directory plugin/strategy for authentication and it creates the Jenkins users as their simple userID and not domain\userid (which we like and which cooperates with our email address structures).

      TFS plugin v3.0.0 and later return domain\username, which is perceived as a new, unique user. Emails end up going to that new user account (which isn't a valid email address), and the build changes view's user links are all pointed to the bogus accounts. I rolled back to TFS plugin v2.0 and everything is back to normal now, but our build history is fairly polluted. We'd also love to be able to use the build labeling feature from the latest version.

      Please contact me if you need repro help or screenshots or anything else.

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