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IRC plug spawns threads & does not release them


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      Steps to re-create the issue.

      1) setup an irc server.
      2) setup 2 jenkins instances
      3) Install the ircbot 2.25 latest on each server
      4) in global configurations of each server point both servers to the same channel #waldo.
      5) wait approx 5 days
      6) Monitor the server with the error log:
      Caused by: org.pircbotx.exception.NickAlreadyInUseException: Nickname is already in use.

      Eventually the botXX-outputs threads will reach 1024 threads and lock up jenkins server however, the error will just be:
      java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread

      The backtrace is useless because it will be cause by whatever thread you started.

            • Use Jconsole and enable jmx on jenkins.war and you can see the botXX-output threads stackup and slowly strangle Jenkins into a grave.

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