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Clicking More button on build history makes web page unresponsive and never loads


      We just upgraded to 1.599. We are using Chrome 40.
      We have a lot of downstream jobs that are very parametrized and called A LOT throughout the day, so the build history is very large. We keep about 7 days of builds.. so that is QUITE large and from the picture you can see we set the build names as well for the params.

      What we notice is that now clicking the More button never actually loads. the web page just times out and hangs and becomes un responsive. No error thrown it just never comes back

      If there are logs I could collect let me know, but as of now since the upgrade we cannot access the build history anymore for most of our jobs

      If we open another Jenkins window, Jenkins is still responsive and works, its just that one page that is loading the build history stops working

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