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ProjectActions (and trend graphs) do not appear for failed projects


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    • Jenkins LTS 1.596.2 / Linux

      Since junit-1.2, neither the "Latest Test Result" information nor the "Test Result Trend" plot appear on the project page _if there is not at least one build in non-failed state.

      See screenshots below for an example: after deleting unstable build #11, the abovementioned items disappear.

      The problem did not exist when the plugin was still included in Jenkins (1.576), nor does it exist in versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the plugin. I suspect that this behaviour was introduced with commit 4ba5a49 ("JENKINS-23713 Compatibility with SimpleBuildStep."), but unfortunately I cannot find the exact root cause within that commit.

      This problem is not only related to the JUnit plug-in. In general, every plug-in that has been migrated its actions to a SimpleBuildStep has this problem. The affected source code is in SimpleBuildStep.

      A test case that exposes this bug is WarningsPluginTest#should_not_skip_failed_builds_with_option_run_always

      See also the corresponding mailing list discussion.

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