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Git Web Hook doesn't exclude changes when using docker plugin (no persistent workspace)


      I have a GitHub repo setup with a Webhook Service (specifically "Jenkins (Git Plugin)") pointed to my Jenkins instance. My job is restricted to only run using a Docker container as setup using the Docker Plugin . It also has Git SCM set up to look at the aforementioned repo, but is set up with "Polling ignores commits from certain users".

      I have tried all combinations of the following examples as the excluded users:

      Jake Romigh
      "Jake Romigh"
      Jake Romigh <jromigh@email.com>
      "Jake Romigh <jromigh@email.com>"

      When I make a change to my Git repo, my job will always build in spite of my excluded users list. My expected behavior is that Git would not build changes made by an excluded user.

      I have also tried using the "Polling ignores commits with certain messages" to no avail.

      When I take a look at the resulting runs, this is the Changes log:

      Started on Jul 7, 2015 6:47:13 PM
      Workspace is offline.
      Scheduling a new build to get a workspace. (nonexisting_workspace)
      Done. Took 1 ms
      Changes found

      I have found the following related issues:

      None of the workarounds in the comments of those issues work in this situation, including "Force polling using workspace". I believe the core of the issue is that no persistent workspace exists for the docker-plugin jobs.

      The result is that we have users building with the maven-release-plugin that have jobs constantly building over and over with no real changes because we can't exclude the service account. We can't have a dummy trigger workspace for each one of these jobs because that solution simply doesn't scale.

      Using Plugins:
      Docker Plugin 0.10.0
      Git Plugin 2.3.5
      Git Client Plugin 1.17.1
      GitHub Plugin 1.11.3
      GitHub API plugin 1.68

      Using Software:
      Jenkins 1.617
      GitHub Enterprise 2.1.6

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