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Allow subversion post-commit hook handler to work with svnlook dirs-changed (not just svnlook changed)


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    • subversion-plugin
    • Jenkins ver. 1.609.2, Subversion plugin 2.5.1.

      My subversion server administrator set up a post-commit script for me, but changed the "svnlook changed" command to "svnlook dirs-changed".

      From the Jenkins logs, I can see that the first four characters are stripped off of each path name, I guess to remove the "U " status info that "svnlook changed" sends. (In the log, I see that "my-project/trunk" comes through as "roject/trunk".)

      It'd be nice if the plugin could be adapted to accept the format without the status component – for us, simply knowing a change went into a given branch is sufficient to warrant kicking off a build.

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