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Make Warnings Plugin compatible with parallel Workflow


    • 5.0.0-beta2

      29959 made it compatible with a single build.
      But it doesn't yet work nicely for multiple parallel builds.

      If one puts the WarningsPublisher inside each parallel task, then the build page contains a link to the warning output once per task. But each link points to the same page and only contains the warnings of one task.

      If instead one runs the WarningsPublisher step only once after all all parallel tasks, then the links to the source code do not work (because the workspace path is different on the different node) and the list of warnings doesn't show for which task/node the warning occurred.

      Based on how other plugins (e.g. junit) work, I assume the first is how it should work. To it work, the warnings plugin should summarize the warnings before reporting them.

      To make the 2nd work it would need to parse the task label in the console output (to display the task) and resolve the workspace relative to the node of that task.

      Is anyone working on this? Any suggestions of how to get started on fixing this?

            drulli Ulli Hafner
            rschulz Roland Schulz
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