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Performance issue when querying changelog information


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    • p4-plugin
    • Jenkins ver. 1.625.1
      P4 plugin 1.3.2
      OS: RHEL 6.4
      Java: 1.8.0_60

      We have recently switched from the perforce-plugin to p4-plugin but are seeing a performance issue on our perforce server. The p4-plugin seems to be querying more changes from the perforce server than necessary.
      For example I see it doing:

      p4 changes -m100 //myclientname/...@0,2126849

      which returns 100 changelists and p4-plugin then proceeds to do "p4 change -o <change> , p4 user -o <user> and p4 describe -s <change> for every one of those 100 changes.

      But the previous build in jenkins for that job was changelist 2125434 so if p4-plugin had done the following query:

      p4 changes -m100 //myclientname/...@2125434,2126849

      it would have only returned one change (as many changes were outside the view of this client workspace) and then the load on the main perforce server would be much reduced.

      Why isn't p4-plugin using the changelist number of the previous build to reduce the amount of queries?

            p4paul Paul Allen
            barnish Andrew Barnish
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