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2.0: Out of the box experience


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    • 2.0: Out of the box experience

      Problem Description

      When a new user installs Jenkins, they are greeted with the main, empty, dashboard which suggests that they "create jobs." This makes no mention of plugins or the configuration options that are relevant to helping the user make Jenkins match their needs.


      Instead of changing the post-install defaults, which may not properly represent the user's needs, the first-time user experience should help guide the user through configuration and plugin installation quickly so they can use Jenkins for their needs. Effectively it should be as easy as possible for a user to arrive at a good configuration for their usage.

      Part of this would entail:

      • Changing how plugin bundling works, no automatically installing plugins just for backward compatibility
      • Encouraging use of pipeline-as-code enhancements discussed previously


      This would primarily change the way in which first-time users would use Jenkins.

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