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phaseJobs() are being skipped when there are no changes.


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    • multijob-plugin
    • Jenkins: 1.625.2
      MultiJob-Plugin: 1.19

      With version 1.19, jobs are being skipped with the message: Job status: [gerrit-master-FooApp-Assets] subjob has no changes since last build.

      I expected all jobs to be built, regardless of whether there are changes or not.

      With version 1.18, these jobs are build built regardless of the changes in SCM with the message: Job status: [gerrit-master-FooApp-Assets] the 'build only if scm changes' feature is disabled.

      I tried reading through the commits to find the problem and I suspect it is commit 170e19a30b422cd445334edd29918277da298eb7 Fix JENKINS-30906 -> Restore build on scm changes logic

      I think the change made there for phaseConfig.isBuildOnlyIfSCMChanges() should be wrapping the SCM changes at the end and a new StatusJob should be created to replace the old BUILD_ONLY_IF_SCM_CHANGES_DISABLED.

      As it is, that commit is totally changing the flow of that method.

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