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Starvation when called from FreeStyle/MultiJob/MultiConfiguration/BuildFlow job



    • Bug
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    • UBuntu 14.04.3 LTS, Linux (3.19 kernel)
      Jenkins version: 1.643
      External Resource Dispatcher Plugin: 1.1.0
      MultiJob Plugin: 1.20
      Matrix (MultiConfiguration) Project Plugin: 1.6
      CloudBees Build Flow Plugin: 0.18


      To reproduce:

      • Create a set of external resources on a group of slaves, I use four slaves currently. Make sure that the 'Id' of the external resource is unique. Set a reasonable number of executors on each slave, I use ten on each. The four slaves should have a common label so that jobs are bound to any of those slaves.
      • Create ONE job that requires an external resource by setting a 'Resource Selection Criteria', it should only be allowed to run on the common labelled group of slaves.
      • Run the job several times in parallel, it works as expected. (My test-job prints out the value of ID and NET and then sleeps for 60 seconds.)
      • Now create a FreeStyle/MultiJob/MultiConf/BuildFlow job and call the created job several times from the new job. Jobs will be stuck in the build-queue forever, because of "no available executors on the 'label-group'".

      There is absolutely NOTHING in the log-files.




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