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ZIP archives created by Hudson do not render properly in Windows Explorer



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      (From the users' mailing list
      Flominator wrote on 16.03.2009 13:27:
      > I've been experimenting with Hudson some weeks and didn't find any problem,
      > that I wasn't able to solve by using the web. But then came this one:
      > We archive artifacts of our MSBuild + InstallShield build tasks. You can
      > download either specific files or whole directories from within Hudson. When
      > downloading directories a zip file is generated.
      > When you try to open the zip file as "compressed folder" in Windows
      > explorer, it shows the directory. But it also shows an empty file that has
      > the same name as the folder.
      > This file prevents windows from extracting the folder: There is one for
      > every directory in the file. When you extract the whole zip file windows
      > cannot extract the folders because the files are extracted first and cannot
      > be overwritten.
      > When using 7zip everything works fine, but since not all of our developers
      > have that installed, we would really like to be able to use windows
      > explorer.
      > Is this a known problem? Are there any solutions?



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