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ivy plugin triggers build although module does not longer exist (with this name)


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    • ivy-plugin
    • Jenkins (1.642.1), mask-passwords (2.8), ivy (1.26)

      One ivy-build job can build multiple ivy modules that are located in one git repository:

      ├── Module A/
      │   ├── src/...
      │   ├── build.xml
      │   └── ivy.xml
      ├── Module B/
      │   ├── src/...
      │   ├── build.xml
      │   └── ivy.xml
      ├── Module C/
      │   ├── src/...
      │   ├── build.xml
      │   └── ivy.xml
      └── ...

      If one of the modules is removed from resp. renamed in the repository, the ivy plugin continues to trigger builds. These builds fail with "FATAL: Unable to find build script at...", as the module does not exist any more (at this location).

      Current workaround: delete the module directory under $JENKINS_HOME$/jobs/<jobname>/modules/<module directory> and restarting jenkins resp. "Reload Configuration from Disk"

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