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Plugin Manager needs to consider implied plugin dependencies


      With 2.0, for the first time the default Jenkins distribution does not install bundled plugins. This includes all plugins detached from core, i.e. those that used to be a core feature, and are an implied dependency of plugins depending on an older version of core that still bundled them.

      Unfortunately, the Plugin Manager cannot handle this:

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Install Jenkins 2.0 without installing any plugins
      2. Go to the plugin manager and install Flexible Publish plugin

      Expected result

      Flexible Publish plugin and Matrix Project plugin, possibly others, get installed.

      Actual result

      Token Macro Plugin, Run Condition Plugin, Flexible Publish Plugin get installed. No Matrix Project Plugin

      Failed to load org.jenkins_ci.plugins.flexible_publish.FlexiblePublisher$FlexiblePublisherDescriptor
      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: hudson/matrix/MatrixAggregatable


      Similarly, installed but disabled dependencies need to be re-enabled when a plugin requiring them gets installed. This is however not a regression in 2.0.

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