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Parameterized Trigger plugin not finding properties files when using Parameter factories


      Job A uses "For every property file, invoke one build" parameter factory to call downstream job B.
      Here is the file pattern I am using:


      There are two files in that folder:


      Job B fails because job A is not setting the parameters it depends on, or something similar. If I look at the parameters for a build of Job B, they are empty.

      I have the option "Action to perform when no files found" set to "Fail the build step" in Job A, but Job A does not fail, only Job B.

      I have also tried:

      Escaping backslashes in path (e.g. d:\\scripts\\batch
      Using different wildcards (e.g. salesconfig*.txt, salesconfig1??.txt)
      Using absolute filename (e.g.d:\\scripts\\batch

      The process works when I use "Parameters from properties file" parameter type instead of a parameter factory, and specify the full path to one of the files, so I know the files are in the right format. I do not want to add a parameter for each file I have,
      since I will eventually have 15 or more files.I would prefer to use the parameter factory if possible.

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