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Restart pipeline from specific stage, after failure


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      This feature is unplanned and not actively worked on

      The use case for restarting stages of a Pipeline is an important one and as such we intend to include this feature in Declarative Pipeline (JENKINS-45455) as open source. I have put this feature on the Declarative Pipeline roadmap. I encourage you to review JENKINS-45455 and leave a comment to ensure that your use case is covered.

      For the purpose of clarity, we will not be providing this feature for scripted pipelines.

      After review of the Checkpoints feature, the CloudBees team have come to the decision that will not be open sourcing Checkpoints. I know we had signalled in this issue that we would be open sourcing this feature and I am sincerely sorry to disappoint those who have been waiting for us to do so.

      James Dumay
      Product Manager, CloudBees Inc

      It would be fine, and customers ask me for that continuously to have the function to again start a failed pipeline,but not at the very beginning, rather at a stage along the pipeline chain, particularly a stage which failed before during a former run,and the cause of the failure was fixed.

      Maybe I've chosen the wrong "component" for this ticket. Please feel free to adjust accordingly.

      Tested on Jenkins ver. 2.0-beta-1, and its new Pi Pipeline item.

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