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GitHub Organization Folder not available as a new item without a restart


      Steps to reproduce it
      1. Fresh installation of Jenkins (Jenkins ver. 2.0-rc-1)
      2. We choose Recommended Plugins option
      3. Items availables are: Freestyle project, Pipeline, External Job, Multi-configuration project, Folder, Multibranch Pipeline

      Where is GitHub Organization?

      Only if we acces to Manage Plugins >> Installed (tab) we see the following message:

      Warning: This Jenkins instance requires a restart. Changing the state of plugins at this time is strongly discouraged. Restart Jenkins before proceeding.

      After restarting, we can see the item GitHub Organization.

      I see here two problems:

      1. We need to restart Jenkins after the wizard installation
      2. The warning message is completely hidden. It is difficult to know that you have to restart.

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