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Invoke Batch Tasks should support Folder absolute path


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    • batch-task-plugin
    • Jenkins 1.642.2
      Folders Plugin 5.11
      Batch Task Plugin 1.17

      When using folders (plugin), the batch tasks to be triggered must be referenced with an absolute path: while the task suggestion field works fine with a relative job path during configuration, the batch task is not properly configured in the later screens.

      Let's consider a folder named aFolder with a job named aJob; that job has a batch task named aBatchTask

      On http://.../jenkins/job/aFolder/job/aJob/configure :
      Add an Invoke batch tasks post build step with two tasks, one absolute and one relative:

      • Project: /aFolder/aJob
      • Task: aBatchTask
      • Project: aJob
      • Task: aBatchTask

      On http://.../jenkins/job/aFolder/job/aJob :
      The "Downstream Tasks" lists:

      • aFolder » aJob » aBatchTask
      • Invalid entry: aJob » aBatchTask

      An absolute job reference seems to be required here.

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