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Make HTML step reference honor metasteps


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      html.groovy and SnippetizerTest.java need to be updated to reflect changes in JENKINS-29922.

      For example, currently under step one of the options for delegate is listed as $class: 'JUnitResultArchiver'. At a minimum this should say something like junit(...) instead.

      It should also indicate in either step or delegate that this is a metastep, meaning that the delegate can be inlined. Better still would be to just show junit as a top-level step to begin with. (This latter consideration does not apply for symbols used in nested configuration.)

      gdsl.groovy and dsld.groovy would need to be updated if they had even gotten this far, but as noted in JENKINS-26126 they have not: for example, GDSL shows only

      method(name: 'step', type: 'Object', params: [delegate:'Map'], doc: 'General Build Step')

      which is pretty useless. I suppose in the case of metasteps we could at least offer the inlined delegate without going into nested configuration:

      method(name: 'junit', type: 'Object', params: [testResults:'java.lang.String'], namedParams: [...], doc: 'Publish JUnit test result report')

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