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Selecting "edit description" for View All shows the System Message HTML text and tags.


      I have the latest Jenkins instance (1.656) and when I click on "edit description" for the View of the All tab, the text that is displayed in the screen is the System Message HTML text. This is consistent across three systems, and I've checked the html code in the description to verify it has no syntax issues (w3c verified). Does anyone know why Jenkins is displaying the System Message HTML text and tags when trying to edit the View description?

      I've upgraded several times through to the now current Jenkins 2.17 release and installed two additional Jenkins instances on new servers; but all show the same results. I'm using a RHEL5 and RHEL7 OS (various Java 1.7 and 1.8 installations) and installations on both OS's (and any Java) act the same way. Interestingly, three of my system also have a Virtual IP defined (so users don't have to enter the port 8080 on the URL) and when I login on the VIP then select the "edit description" for the View, I see the correct View html content in the text area, but not when I connect to the machines directly (i.e. as http://<machine_name>:8080/ instead of http://<VIP>/). If I edit the description of any other View (other than All) tab, I see the correct HTML text and tags no matter how I access the server.

      I've attached two screen shots. The first is the screen Jenkins screen with the System Message (in blue double border), and the View All description (in the green double border). The second screen shot is what is displayed when I click on the View "edit description" hyperlink.

      The Manage Jenkins, Configure System, Jenkins Location, Jenkins URL value is in the form of "http://<machine_name>:8080" on all the machines but one. That one is in the form "http://<machine_name.domain.com>:8080. None of the machines is configured to use the Virtual IP name for the Jenkins Master servers as the Jenkins Location URL.

      If I use the browser to view the html source with the View All tab selected, I can copy the HTML code from the browser then "edit description" for the View All tab, paste the copied code into the text area, make any needed updates, and save the results. The updated material will display, but when I click the "edit description" again, I see the System Message code, not the Vew All description HTML code.

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