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External Build Log storage for Jenkins


    • External Build Log storage for Jenkins

      Jenkins' logging system is one of potential scalability bottlenecks on big Jenkins instances. System logging can be redirected via JUL log appenders (or other such solutions), but there is no OOTB solution for build logs.

      It would be great to have such solution. Top-level requirements:

      • All or almost all build/task logging is moved from Jenkins filesystem to External Build Log Storage
      • Minimize log traffic between Jenkins agents and the master, logs should be reported from slaves directly when it is possible
      • External Build Log Storage has an extensible and pluggable architecture
      • At least 2 reference implementations:
        • File-system-based storage (current implementation)
        • One external build log storage based on the open-source stack. Preference - Elasticsearch-Logstash-Kibana
      • Jenkins Pipeline is supported out of the box
      • Old logs should be browseable after changing the storage engine (Migration or parallel engines)

      Design document:

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