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'java.lang.IllegalStateException: already existed; will not overwite' error for pipeline builds over time


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    • Jenkins ver. 1.609.3
      OS: Linux RedHat 6u4

      We are getting below exception for our pipeline builds over time in jenkins application logs. Build does not get triggered, nothing happens on UI. What is the root cause of this issue?

      SEVERE: Unexpected executor death
      java.lang.IllegalStateException: /app/jenkins/jobs/cif-master-continuous/builds/234 already existed; will not overwite with cif-master-continuous #234
      at hudson.model.RunMap.put(RunMap.java:187)
      at jenkins.model.lazy.LazyBuildMixIn.newBuild(LazyBuildMixIn.java:178)
      at org.jenkinsci.plugins.workflow.job.WorkflowJob.createExecutable(WorkflowJob.java:239)
      at hudson.model.Executor$1.call(Executor.java:335)
      at hudson.model.Executor$1.call(Executor.java:317)
      at hudson.model.Queue._withLock(Queue.java:1348)
      at hudson.model.Queue.withLock(Queue.java:1213)
      at hudson.model.Executor.run(Executor.java:317)

      On the server side build number is #264, means in the builds folder of the job, the last number is 264. Why this number differs ?? Right now only work around is that if you keep on clicking the build now, till you reach the tipping point beyond that internal number(in this case #264), build will start working...

      Has any body else experiencing same issue?? - In our case this is only happening with pipeline jobs.

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