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Constant builds when svn url contains parameter


      I see a wierd bug when using global libraries on pipeline.

      We have a groovy class with static defines, which lives in a legacy place in subversion and can't be moved.

      I've worked around that by configuring a global library:

            <retriever class="org.jenkinsci.plugins.workflow.libs.SCMRetriever">
              <scm class="hudson.scm.SubversionSCM" plugin="subversion@2.7.1">
                <workspaceUpdater class="hudson.scm.subversion.UpdateUpdater"/>

      Every scm poll call finishes like:
      Workspace doesn't contain https://svn/project/data${library.mylib.version}/legacy/path/mylib. Need a new build.

      Everything loads just file when i use:
      import mylib

      but the polling bug makes it re-build every poll call.

      I started out using the Legacy SCM api to declare the lib, because the modern scm dropdown is empty, and due to the nice workaround checking out the library to src/library i can't easily switch to the modern SCM api.

      The library is checked out just fine in workspace/pipeline@libs/src/mylib , but it looks like the polling is confused due to this.

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