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JDK auto install from j.s.c need to be able to specify 32bit/64bit



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      Currently on a 64bit OS (Linux/Windows/Solaris?) Hudson will favour the 64bit
      JVM if available.

      However for projects that need JNI this can lead to test failures if you only
      create a 32bit library. The only way to do this is then re-package the JDK and
      provide it on a web server for hudson to re-consume (which defeats the purpose
      of the ease of deploying new JVMs.)

      Conversley you might only want to run on a 64bit JDK if you require a large heap.

      Therefore this request is to add a new option to the UI to
      1) force a 64bit JDK (this will then prevent a Java tool being available on
      32bit platforms)
      2) force a 32bit JDK to be installed on 64bit platforms.


      the user can create a JDK "JDK 1.6.0_14 (32bit)" with "force 32bit JDK on 64bit
      hosts=true" and choose that as their java vm for the project and let it run on
      any node. knowing that it will only ever run on a 32bit JDK.

      They could also do the inverse such as choosing a 64bit JDK and then using a
      64bit lable tie the job to a 64bit host.


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