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Incorrect URLs for job actions if job is within a Folder



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      For jobs contained withing folders action urls (urls to access warnings are generated) incorrectly leading to 404 http status codes.

      There is a pull request that fixes this issue by changing jobs' shortUrl to absoluteUrl to work correctly for jobs contained in folders.


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            Link This issue is related to JENKINS-39947 [ JENKINS-39947 ]
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            Component/s cloudbees-folder-plugin [ 18137 ]
            Component/s dashboard-view-plugin [ 15679 ]
            Component/s multi-branch-project-plugin (not Pipeline) [ 21127 ]
            Component/s nested-view-plugin [ 15701 ]
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            Comment [ Sorry that this takes so long on my side, I did not have much time recently. Thank you very much for the detailed explanation, I'm trying to improve the test case with your instructions (and additional plugins) now.

            What I still not understand is where you are creating the views? (what is the REPORTS view?) And which view is the nested view, and which is the dashboard?

            I tried to create a folder, and in the folder I can create a view Nested and in the Nested I can create a view Dashboard. This leads to Folder->Nested->Dashboard bread crumb. When I click on Dashboard I can add the portlet which shows the warnings of all jobs (note there are only basic job, not multi branch yet). Up to now, all links still are working. Maybe adding the next plugin will break the links (multi branch). ]
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