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Add team.scm.workspaceUUID to list of RTC related Environment Variables available to the Build


      The Team Concert plugin page at https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Team+Concert+Plugin#TeamConcertPlugin-RTCrelatedEnvironmentVariablesavailabletotheBuild has a list of variables exposed to Jenkins from RTC, but the RTC Build Workspace is not one of them when building from a RTC Build Definition.

      In the case of Jenkins jobs based on RTC Streams (new in teamconcert-plugin, this is mitigated by the presence of the new rtcTempRepoWorkspaceUUID property, but for jobs based on RTC Build Definitions (teamconcert-plugin 1.1.9.* and below), this value is not provided even though it is a mandatory field in the RTC Build Definition (and we use it in some of our custom plugins).

      We would like the RTC property team.scm.workspaceUUID to be part of the environment variables provided to Jenkins by RTC.

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