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Developer would like to get the logs for a stage or parallel


    • 1.0, Blue Ocean 1.0-rc3


      • Log toolbar buttons should open or download the log for the selected stage or parallel
        • Freestyle behaviour remains the same as before this change - e.g. the buttons should show or download the full log for freestyle
      • Link to full Pipeline log appears on Artifact tab (looks like an artifact)
        • name: "pipeline.log"
        • size: "–"

      There is no way to get the log for the whole stage or parallel. The full log is not useful as it intermingles logs from different parallel branches.

      Design brief
      What we'd like to do is change the download/view links for the log so that they only produce logs for the stage/parallel that has been selected. We should then have download/view links for the whole log somewhere else - I am thinking the same has to go above the graph? Need to think about what this looks like when the graph is present and not present.

      • Full log appears as an artifact

      Original request
      Will be nice to have "expand all" button to see all steps (view whole log doesn't help due multiple parallels)

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