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Periodically if not otherwise run - interval value does not trigger branch indexing as expected


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    • Jenkins v2.19.4, pipeline 2.4, Multibranch 2.9.2
      Windows, Linux and Docker Jenkins Container from hub

      Create a multibranch pipeline project, check "Periodically if not otherwise run",
      Set to 5 minutes - it's run every 12 minutes
      Set to 1 minute - it's run every 2 minutes
      Set to 2 minutes - it's run every 3 minutes,
      Set to 10 minutes - seems to be 12 minutes.

      Possibly other settings have similar issues, but I have not tested them.

      Sample pipeline code https://github.com/kpakur/piepline-triggers
      Also a test script there that does commit and push every 30 seconds to simulate traffic on the repo so the changes should be picked up.

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