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Provide a command to commit on a scm inside a pipeline, like there is a checkout command


      We use a pipeline to automate the release of a sequence of projects.
      These are Maven projects that depend on each other (with a version specified for each dependency).

      This sequence of projects needs to be consistent on the version numbers.
      So, before releasing one of the projects, we need to modify the versions of its dependencies on the previous projects, to use the version numbers that were just released.
      And we need to commit the modified pom.xml file

      Currently, the only way I found is to call a command-line (with "bat" or "sh") that does the commit.
      It works, but relies on a local SCM client and prevents from using the Jenkins credentials for the SCM authentication

      It would much easier and cleaner to have a "commit" step like the already-existing "checkout" step

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