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Jenkins master throwing java.io.IOException when running pipeline in swarm client


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      Jenkins Version : 2.32.2
      Running on Windows Server 2012 R2
      Pipeline: Nodes and Processes 2.10 (works fine in 2.8)

      Swarm Client 3.3 on AIX 7.1 / JDK 8

      Im trying to run a pipeline job in an agent which is using swarm client. The job runs fine but im getting a lot of error messages in the log like below:

      Cannot contact tst_db2: java.io.IOException: Remote call on Channel to /XX.XX.XX.XXX failed

      (actual IP address replaced with XX)

      In my observation the master is throwing this errors while waiting for the script that is running in the client. Again, the pipeline job run perfectly except that im getting this error on the pipeline logs.

      Below is my pipeline script:

      pipeline {
          agent none
          stages {
              stage('Recreate DB') {
                  agent { label 'tst_db2'}
                  steps {
                      checkout([$class: 'SubversionSCM', 
                        additionalCredentials: [], 
                        excludedCommitMessages: '', 
                        excludedRegions: '', 
                        excludedRevprop: '', 
                        excludedUsers: '', 
                        filterChangelog: false, 
                        ignoreDirPropChanges: false, 
                        includedRegions: '', 
                        locations: [[credentialsId: 'a84f7197-929a-437e-9aac-ca09fcd4c63a', 
                                     depthOption: 'infinity', 
                                     ignoreExternalsOption: true, 
                                     local: '', 
                                     remote: 'svn://XXXXX/XXX/tags/CR/Rebuild_VCRDWD01']], 
                        workspaceUpdater: [$class: 'CheckoutUpdater']])  
                       sh 'Rebuild_VCRDWD01/recreate_db.sh'

      Is there anyway we can get rid of this errors?

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