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Support native Git for pipeline creation and editing


    • Blue Ocean 1.0-rc4, Blue Ocean 1.2-beta2, Blue Ocean 1.2-beta3, Blue Ocean 1.2-beta4, Blue Ocean 1.2, Blue Ocean 1.3

      Improvement on roadmap

      This improvement is on the Blue Ocean project roadmap. Check the roadmap page for updates.


      • User can click New Pipeline then pick Git and author a new Jenkinsfile using the Editor and save it back to the repository.
      • User can click Edit Pipeline then author the existing Jenkinsfile using the Editor and save their changes back to the repository
        • In a new branch
        • On the current branch


      There are a number of security and user experience concerns that the team have to solve to get this working. 


      Design brief

      The user experience should match the equivalent Github feature as much as possible.
      The largest notable difference is that creating and editing with plain Git has noticeably more network traffic than Github. This means the user may have to wait for Blue Ocean to retrieve the content of the repository before showing them the Editor or before their save action is completed.

      Loading the editor

      • Developer clicks the edit action
      • Developer sees a progress dialog with a message "Loading your Jenkinsfile"
        • This could take a while as we have to do a shallow clone of the repository
        • How much progress information do we get from the clone? If we can easily get this info we can use a determinate progress indicator rather than a indeterminate one.
      • Developer should be able to cancel the load if it takes too long
      • Developer sees the Editor

      Saving from the editor

      1. Developer clicks save
      2. Developer sees the save dialog and then confirms
        • May commit back to new branch or current branch
      3. Developer sees progress dialog with message "Saving your pipeline"
      4. Developer lands back on the Activity screen

      Technical notes

      Unlike Github, Blue Ocean needs to make a shallow clone of the repository on the master in order to perform any operations. It is important to do whatever we can to make the editor work for developers at the best possible speed.

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