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p4 plugin SCM polling behaviour dependent on build results.


      I'm using P4 Plugin 1.6.0 on Jenkins 2.46.1. Given SCM polling is enabled, its behavior seems to be dependent on the result of pipeline build as described below in two cases.

      Case 1: There is new change list in perforce, SCM polling detects this change, builds the Pipeline script (Jenkinsfile) and build result is success. Thereafter SCM polling does not deduct any change and therefore does not build until there is a new change-list(CL) available in perforce. This behavior is fine as expected.


      Case 2: There is a new CL in perforce, SCM detects this change but the build for this CL results in failure. However SCM poll does not keep this CL number in its memory(or internal list) and therefore during next scheduled SCM poll, it always checks if there is a CL from the CL of last successful build. This keeps SCM polling on keep building for failed builds.


      Any idea how to solve this issue?








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