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Conditional build trigger on branch indexing


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      Currently branch indexing triggers new builds on each change. There is "Suppress automatic SCM triggering" option for branch but it suppresses entire branch.
      There are use cases where it is desirable not to trigger build on specific commits with specific message or from particular author.
      For example we have a bot that automatically increases version after successful build. We do not want to do another build on this commit so we force early exit from pipeline in Jenkinsfile. While this solution works it makes pipeline look ugly with each successful build followed by skipped build.

      We wanted to contribute necessary code by ourselves but we are not sure how do this properly. Currently branch-api-plugin simply compares previous SCMRevision with current SCMRevision and if they do not match then triggers build.
      Is there any way to obtain metadata such as author or commit message for particular SCMRevision? If yes then it should be possible to implement exclusion logic for branch indexing build trigger.

      We saw that this request JENKINS-35988 also has similiar need to skip some builds caused by branch indexing, not sure if this counts as duplicate.

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