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Accurev populate fails if latest transaction contains defunct files


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      When the jenkins job is configured to build from a Stream, without specifying a workspace.
      If files have been defunct in the stream used in the build, accurev pop will fail with exit code 1.
      In the portion of the build out put below, the 'No element named' are the defunct files.
      The jenkins workspace needed to be removed to get this job to build again without the error.

      [chkpnt_workstation] $ accurev pop -H accurevserver:5050 -v accurevstream -L jenkinsworkspacepath -l jenkinsjobpath/PopulateFiles.txt -O -R .
       FATAL: No element named accurevprojectpath/component.info
       No element named accurevprojectpath/Service.desktop
       No element named accurevprojectpath/install.sh
       FATAL : Populate from stream command (accurev pop -H scorpio01:5050 -v AT3D -L /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/chkpnt_workstation -l /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/chkpnt_workstation/PopulateFiles.txt -O -R .) failed with exit code 1
       Checkout failed

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