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User Scoped credentials don't appear in credentials drop down lists



      • Jenkins 2.46.2
      • credentials:2.1.13 'Credentials Plugin'
      • credentials-binding:1.11 'Credentials Binding Plugin'
      • workflow-aggregator:2.5 'Pipeline'
      • workflow-api:2.12 'Pipeline: API'
      • workflow-basic-steps:2.4 'Pipeline: Basic Steps'
      • workflow-cps:2.29 'Pipeline: Groovy'
      • workflow-cps-checkpoint:2.4 'CloudBees Pipeline: Groovy Checkpoint Plugin'
      • workflow-cps-global-lib:2.7 'Pipeline: Shared Groovy Libraries'
      • workflow-durable-task-step:2.10 'Pipeline: Nodes and Processes'
      • workflow-job:2.10 'Pipeline: Job'
      • workflow-multibranch:2.14 'Pipeline: Multibranch'
      • workflow-scm-step:2.4 'Pipeline: SCM Step'
      • workflow-step-api:2.9 'Pipeline: Step API'
      • workflow-support:2.14 'Pipeline: Supporting APIs'

      Scenario to Use User Scoped Credentials in "withCredentials()"

      Many organizations use GPG signing keys and special permissions on Git / Nexus / Artifactory to create releases. For traceability and security, these privileged credentials credentials are "per individual/personal credentials", they are not shared with team members.

      For this kind of credentials, we want to use Jenkins User Scoped Credentials in pipeline (withCredentials, git, config-file-provider, ssh-agent...)


      • Even when using the authorize project plugin, user Scoped Credentials don't appear in the drop down lists of credentials.
      • User scoped credentials don't appear in the drop down lists of credentials of the "Config File Provider Plugin" (problem not covered by this jira issue, I'll work on it later)


      • Install the Project Authorize Plugin and configure it "Run as user who triggered the build"
      • Create user scoped credentials "my-username-password"
      • Create a pipeline
      • Use the pipeline syntax assistant to generate a "withCredentials" wrapper
      • The drop down list of credentials don't display the user scoped credentials "my-username-password"

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