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workspace doesn't change when cvs project does


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      Using version 1.320

      I haven't tried to reproduce this, so I'll describe what I think happened.

      I created a new job, and as I often do, started by creating a copy of another
      one. Let's say the original one was "watching" a cvs project named "galileo".
      So, after copying, I (accidentally) built the new project, which populated the
      workspace with the "galileo" project. Then I changed the CVS parameters to
      "watch" a project named, lets say, "helios". All fine and well in the 'config'
      files, but, whenever someone changed the "galileo" project, it would start a
      build in the "helios" project.

      I tracked it down to the fact that the workspace will had the "galileo" project
      in it. Incidentally, the build still worked fine, since in our case we didn't
      really use the files in 'workspace' but pulled the project explicitly.

      So ... to "fix", I manually removed the workspace, did a build, which refreshed
      the workspace with the correct data (That is the 'Repository' file in the CVS
      metadata directory was not correct).

      Seems to me, when the CVS project changes ... some code, some where should
      remove and regenerate the workspace data. I'm not sure if this is CVS specific,
      or would be the same for any source code repository manager.

      Not a huge problem (that is, would not occur often), but I hope this report is

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