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Option to remove global library changes from builds changes list


      I develop and manage a global library for our Jenkins server, with tools for our specific development environment. This library is used in multiple hundred jobs on our jenkins, used by multiple hundred developers.

      Now, everytime I change something in this library, the change gets included in the changes list for subsequent builds of jobs using the library. This irritates developers, which are used to see just their changes in the build. Even worse, if the builds are already failing or the next build fails, I get an email through the CulpritsRecipientProvider, resulting in hundrets of "build failing" emails, which have nothing to do with the change I made.

      I can see that showing the changes of consumed libraries is good for debugging suddenly failing builds, but as changes on this library are tested thoroughly, I do not need this feature.

      I would like to have an option to specify if changes on a library should be reflected in builds changelists.

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